How To Create A Tracking Link

Creating a tracking link is easy and has been proven to produce 79% more sales (on average) than just using discount codes. How? Because it tracks every time someone comes back to your site over a defined period of time, and every sale is attributed to you. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do this.

Step 1: Log in to Avelon

Login via the homepage by clicking Dashboard. Use your normal login email and password to login.

Step 2: Go to Opportunities

Click Opportunities on your side bar.

Find the brand you want to generate a link for and click Generate Link. If the box for Generate Link is not yellow, you must apply to be part of their program.

Step 4: Enter your URL

Find the page you want to send consumers to and copy the URL. Then, paste the entire URL into the box.


Leave the box blank and the system will automatically generate a link to the homepage

This is solely internal, for your own records. You can name this whatever you want.

Step 6: Decide whether you’re an affiliate partner or not

Being an affiliate partner means you are paid as an ambassador outside Avelon. 99.99% of people should click NO at this stage. We recommend you do the same.

Step 7: Click Generate

The system will generate a link for you. Click the link and it will automatically copy to your clipboard. The system adds the link into your My Links section on your Dashboard. You can revisit this at any time to copy the link and see how it’s performing.

Head to the My Links section on your Dashboard if you’d like to see the link and how it’s performing. You can copy, generate a QR code, test its destination etc from this section.