Zero fees & maximum returns

Zero fee affiliate
on turbocharge

Find new affiliates, automate your program and set individual commission rates for every affiliate and every product.

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Affiliate Search

Search for & partner with
new affiliates

Finding affiliates is simple. Our easy to use search tool displays all the info you need, alongside links to social media profiles. When an affiliate applies to your program, you’ll be notified and make the decision in the app.

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Zero fees

No fees, just
commission to affiliates

Unlike other affiliate platforms, we don’t charge brands any fees, so they can focus on providing affiliates the commission they deserve. We take a small percentage of commission payments, automatically, for providing the Avelon platform.

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Advanced Attribution

Unique affiliate commission
& discount code rules

Offer affiliates specific, unique commission based on their importance to your program. Upload their discount code to the platform and set specific discount code rules. You’ll never give away more commission than you intended.

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Advanced link tracking

Cross-session, cross-device attribution

Discount Code Rules

Set rules on commission caps

SKU level commission

Set product level commission rates

Unique commission rates

Set unique commission for affiliates.