New Country Launches: Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Feature release: 12.04.2023

Avelon is happy to announce that we've just launched our zero-fee Affiliate Marketing Network in Denmark (Danish Krone), Sweden (Swedish Krona) and Norway (Norway Krone). These Scandinavian countries have long been on our list, and our currency converter now allows us to display and pay-out in all the currencies above.

We use an international currency converter that displays daily currency conversion based off the Mastercard currency exchange, which is a 0% commission exchange rate.

Avelon also works in and supports currencies throughout the below markets:

  • Austria (Euro)
  • Belgium (Euro)
  • Denmark (Danish Krone)
  • Finland (Euro)
  • France (Euro)
  • Germany (Euro)
  • Ireland (Great British Pound & Euro)
  • Liechtenstein (Euro)
  • Luxembourg (Euro)
  • Monaco (Euro)
  • Netherlands (Euro)
  • Norway (Norway Krone / NK)
  • Portugal (Euro)
  • Spain (Euro)
  • Sweden (Swedish Krona / SEK)
  • Switzerland (Swiss Franc)
  • United Kingdom (Great British Pound / GBP)
  • United States (United States Dollar / US Dollar)

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