Avelon Affiliate Marketing Success Study: Chris Hall

Chris Hall is well-known within cycling as a bit of an ultra-distance, endurance freak. From his epic challenge of riding Seven Everests in seven days to riding 107km for 107 days without a break, his charitable nature is second to none. You can check out his Instagram profile here.

Whilst Chris is sponsored by some of the top brands, including Cervelo, Shimano, Tailfin, Styrkr, Schwalbe and many more, he never looked into affiliate marketing before Avelon came along.

In this article, we explore Chris’ success on the platform, including how he chooses brands to work with, how Avelon has helped him and what his top tips for success are.

AN: Why have you never used affiliate marketing before?

Chris Hall: Well, in all truthfulness, I didn’t think the cycling industry was into it. I looked at AWIN and a few others, and it was mainly all retailers based on price comparisons for online magazines. I want to work with brands and retailers to promote specific products, so having a platform that has both is definitely a major upside for me.

AN: When did you join Avelon?

Chris Hall: I joined Avelon in June 2022 when they first opened their BETA. From what I can see, it’s been pretty successful. Oh, BETA is like a test phase before a full product release, if you didn’t know.

AN: How did you hear about Avelon?

Chris Hall: Well, my best mate Andrew is the co-founder of Avelon and we work together on a lot of projects. He actually helps me manage my sponsors and helped manage athletes at Specialized before this, so he’s super knowledgeable in the industry and seems to know everyone.

Anyway, he recommended I test it out and I haven’t looked back. Genuinely, the best thing I’ve done for my career in the last few years. I’ve connected with so many brands in the past three-months, gained new sponsors and my feedback is even helping develop the platform.

AN: How do you choose a brand to work with?

Chris Hall: I think authenticity is key in affiliate marketing. I’m known as an ultra-distance rider, and our discipline is very picky about what we use and how we use it, so I only work with brands and products that I would actively use myself.

I also don’t want any conflicts of interest, so when I pick a brand, I stick with them for at least a year to try them out. If I ever review a product, I’m very truthful about the pros and cons and will never say something is the best thing ever if it’s not.

AN: What’s your secret to success on the platform?

Chris Hall: Well, there’s no real secret. It’s simple really. I think about what type of brand I’d like to work with, apply to their program and then start a conversation. I then host tracking links and discount codes on my website, social media and every week or so, I send an email out to my subscribers telling them about the offers I have access to. As I said, it’s incredibly simple and it’s turned into a new revenue stream for me.

Just think about who your followers are, what kind of sport/riding their into and then tailor your content to them. I don’t spam people with links or discount codes and I’m totally open about what I get in return for recommending products.

Top tip: don’t add tracking links into emails. Link people through to an area of your website where all your links are. Mailchimp / other email providers don’t like link redirects!

AN: How has Avelon helped you?

Chris Hall: Not only is it an entirely new income stream for me, it’s great to look for new partnership opportunities on the platform and reach out to them. I’ve actually secured three new sponsors in the first three months. But in terms of money? Without giving too much away, I’m able to fund all of my trips away on what I make on the platform.

AN: What would you say to someone looking to try out Avelon?

Chris Hall: Just do it. Find new brands to work with, make some extra income and get your name out there. I can’t stress how easy it is to use and the team work with you to find new sponsors. It’s phenomenal.