Feature Releases & Future Features Timeline

All past and future feature releases in one place.

The below are the feature releases for the past 3-months. We do not release a feature release note for every feature, but if you would like a full list of all our upgrades, please contact hello@avelonetwork.com.

If you have any ideas for future feature releases, please get in contact. If enough users request the feature, we'll bump it to the top of the queue.


Build a widget / price comparison

Build a price comparison widget for your website via set parameters and automated product matching.

Retailer product feeds

Accessing product feeds, which are updated once every 3-hours via a delta feed, is currently in the timeline. We're currently working with a select few retailers to build this functionality for websites to auto-populate their recommendations via this feature.

Retailer / brand discount code feeds

Much the same as product feeds, discount code feeds will be accessible for discount code sites / voucher sites in the future.

New vs returning commission adjustment

Reduce your commission based on whether a customer is new to your site or a repeat purchaser.

Product sales reporting

Get a full overview of sales you've driven and how much you earnt per sale with our product sales reporting.

Make your affiliate program invite only

Host your own private affiliate program on Avelon, or make your program hidden / accessible only via your program URL. This reduces the need for using third-party affiliate hosting services.

Filters when searching for new affiliates

As more and more affiliates use the platform, it's becoming more difficult to find the type of affiliate you want to work with. We're building custom parameters to allow you to search in the vertical and sub-vertical, such as Cycling - Cyclocross or Cycling - Gravel.


18.08.2022 | Affiliate specific commission

Offer certain affiliates higher commissions than others depending on their value to your program. Read the full release notes below:

13.08.2022 | Show my affiliates only page

You can search for your approved affiliates profiles on the affiliate search page by clicking the show only my affiliates button.

We've added anchor text link creation for affiliates who want to embed links into their website / blog / news site. This is accessible via the Links page by clicking </>.

04.08.2022 | Invite affiliates via their profile

Found an affiliate you like? Simply invite them via their profile. You can now also add a custom note to their invitation.

03.08.2022 | Improved mobile usability

Whilst Avelon was designed to work on desktop due to its complex backend programming, we've improved the usability on mobile for affiliates who don't work off of desktops.

02.08.2022 | Affiliate invitations

You can now invite affiliates to your program whether they're on the platform or not. Once an affiliate presses accept in their invitation email, they'll be automatically added to your program. Read the full release notes: https://avelonetwork.com/news/new-feature-release-affiliate-invitations/

Whilst the platform is built for affiliates to create links for themselves, retailers can now also create links on behalf of affiliates.

22.07.2022 | Discount code reduction rules

When adding a discount code, retailers can now reduce commission if the discount code is used. For example, if you agree to 20% commission on full RRP items but a consumer uses a 20% off discount code, you can reduce the affiliates commission by 20%.

Track the ROI of your ambassadors outside of your commission driven affiliate program. Simply revert an ambassadors commission links to 0% and we'll track users for 365-days.

19.07.2022 | Discount code tracker

Instead of using just links, affiliates can just use discount codes. Our tracking system will track the use of their discount codes across the internet. Read the full release notes: https://avelonetwork.com/news/new-feature-release-discount-code-tracker/

12.07.2022 | Split affiliate commissions

We believe in full transparency, so instead of using last click attribution, we split the commission between every affiliate in the purchase chain. Realistically, this will happen very few times, but according to our survey of affiliates, this is a much fairer edge case.