New Feature Release: Affiliate Discount Code Tracker

New feature release: Discount Code Tracking without tracking links.

Feature release date: 19.07.2022 | Article update: 05.04.2023

Quite early on, we realised not everyone clicks links, but 75% of all sales under £135.00 use discount codes, so we developed a Discount Code Tracker that enhances attribution for affiliates. Instead of solely tracking sales from links, sales are now tracked from the use of discount codes, too.

Whilst posting links and tracking clicks works wonders, sometimes consumers just don't click links and go directly to a site. If they haven't clicked a link at some stage of the sales journey, then the affiliate won't be awarded any sales for their hard work.

Did you know: discount codes account for 75% of all sales under £135.00 and 22% of all sales over £135.00?

How Do I Track Affiliate Discount Codes with Avelon?

Tracking Affiliate Discount Codes with Avelon is incredibly simple to do. We even timed how long it took when you have both your eCommerce dashboard and Avelon open at the same time, and it was under 20-seconds.

Step 1:

Head to My Affiliates and then click the Affiliate Promo Codes tab

My Affiliate Tab on Avelon Network Dashboard

Step 2:

Click the yellow Add Promo Code and a pop-up will appear

Add Promo Code pop-up box on Avelon's Affiliate Promo Code tracker

Step 3:

Select your Affiliate from the drop down menu. You can select any of your approved affiliates on the platform. Once you have selected an affiliate, move onto Step 4.

Affiliate Drop Down box when selecting an Affiliate on the Add Promo Code pop-up box

Step 4:

Enter the promo code in the box marked Enter Promo Code. This can be anything you like, but MUST correspond to a promo code on your eCommerce platform. If you have not added the promo code on your eCommerce platform, then our API will not recognise and attribute the sale to the affiliate.

Enter Promo Code box on Avelon's Affiliate Promo Code tracking tool.

Step 5: (optional)

We've built in a Reduce Commission by % box into our Affiliate Discount Code Tracking tool, but it is completely optional. Reducing an Affiliates commission means their overall commission % will be reduced by a certain amount when a sale is confirmed. An example is below:

Chris Hall has a flat 20% commission for all sales on your affiliate program. You give him a 20% discount code to offer his subscribers and followers. If you would like to reduce his commission when a discount code is used, you just enter the percentage reduction into the box. If for example, you reduce his commission by 20%, his commission will now be 16% for sales with this discount code.

Commission reduction option on Avelon's Affiliate Promo Code tracking tool.

Step 6:

Click the yellow Add button on the bottom right of the pop-up box. Avelon will save this information and will automatically detect any future sales used with this discount code.

Can Avelon's Discount Code Tracking Tool retrospectively attribute discount code usage?

No, Avelon's tool cannot retrospectively attribute discount code usage. This also applies to any sales that occurred before Avelon's app was integrated with your website.

However, if Avelon's app was integrated and you'd like to retrospectively attribute sales and discount codes, we can do this - as our system simply disregards any sales not linked with a discount code or click ID. Just drop your Account Manager an email, and we'd be happy to help.

What Is The Workflow For Using The Discount Code Tracking Feature?

The workflow for using our discount code tracking feature is the same as above, but is outlined below in a simpler format:

  1. The brand creates a discount code on their eCommerce site and saves the discount code. We recommend making this unique to the affiliate.
  2. The brand enters the discount code into the Avelon platform, assigning it to a specific affiliate.
  3. (optional) The brand adds a commission reduction into the commission reduction box. For example, if the discount offers 20% off the total RRP, then you can reduce the commission paid from your default by whatever % you like.
  4. The affiliate receives an email with a notification that a discount code has been added to their affiliate account.
  5. The affiliate copies this code and passes it round to their followers.
  6. Any time there is a sale recorded on the brands eCommerce site which uses the discount code, Avelon will track the sale and attribute it to the affiliate.

Does The Affiliate Get Notified Of The Discount Code?

Promo code email from Avelon email address

Yes, the Affiliate you've selected will get an email notifying them that a discount code has been added to their account. The discount code is also in the email, so there's no need for the affiliate to log back into the platform.

If your affiliate does not receive the Discount Code / Promo Code, we recommend they check their spam email folder.

Can I Delete / Change The Discount Code % For An Affiliate?

Yes, you can delete / change the Discount Code % for an Affiliate. Just head to the My Affiliate > Affiliate Promo Code page and press delete next to the promo code you'd like to delete.

From there, you can add a new promo code in the same way as before, but change the percentage you'd like to offer them.

What eCommerce Platforms Can Avelon Track Discount Code Usage On?

Avelon can track discount code usage on every platform we integrate with. We've outlined these below:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Citrus Lime
  • Craft CMS (coming soon)
  • SquareSpace (coming soon)
  • Magento (coming soon)
  • All custom eCommerce platforms