New feature release: Discount Code Tracker

New feature release: Discount Code Tracking without tracking links.

Release date: 19.07.2022

Quite early on, we realised not everyone clicks links, but everyone uses discount codes. The Discount Code Tracker enhances attribution for affiliates. Instead of solely tracking sales from links, sales are now tracked from the use of discount codes, too.

Whilst posting links and tracking clicks works wonders, sometimes consumers just don't click links and go directly to a site. If they haven't clicked a link at some stage of the sales journey, then the affiliate won't be awarded any sales.

You can now give out a discount code and Avelon will track any sales with the discount code used. Simple.

How does it work?

  1. The brand creates a discount code on their eCommerce site
  2. The brand enters the discount code into the Avelon platform, assigning it to a specific affiliate.
  3. The brand adds a commission reduction into the commission reduction box. For example, if the discount offers 20% off the total RRP, then you can reduce the commission paid from your default by whatever % you like.
  4. The affiliate receives an email with a notification that a discount code has been added to their affiliate account.
  5. The affiliate copies this code and passes it round to their followers.
  6. Any time there is a sale recorded on the brands eCommerce site which uses the discount code, Avelon will track the sale and attribute it to the affiliate.