New Feature Release: Affiliate Invitations

Invite affiliates from within the Avelon application, or if you know their email, just send them a custom invite.

We're simply not just an affiliate network, we're a network that allows brands and retailers to find, work and manage ambassadors within your industry. We had a few requests from retailers asking if they could invite affiliates to their program and bring their current ambassadors onboard, so we developed Affiliate Invitations.

This new feature allows you to invite affiliates directly to your affiliate program through the application, no matter if they're signed up to our platform or not.

Head to My Affiliates, then go to the Invitations tab. If you know that the affiliate is already on the platform, just enter the name of the affiliate into the search bar. Click their name and it'll bring up their profile photo.

You can add a little custom message or just press Invite. If they're signed up, they'll get a notification on the site and through email. If it's been a while since you sent the invite and you haven't had a response, just click re-send next to their name in your invites section.

If they're not on the platform, they'll get an application email where their profile is automatically created for them and approved onto your program once they press accept. Unlike if they're on the platform, you cannot resend the invitation for affiliates not on the platform.