How To Integrate Avelon With Your Website

Learn how to integrate Avelon Network with your website to start tracking purchases from affiliates.

Avelon offers multiple, easy ways to integrate with your website to start tracking purchases from affiliates.

For those on established eCommerce platforms, please see these pre-built plugin guides below:

  • Shopify Guide
  • WooCommerce Guide

For those using bespoke ecommerce solutions or for platforms not currently supported by an Avelon plugin, please see our full implementation guide.

Ecommerce Plugins

Our eCommerce plugins currently support Shopify and WooCommerce. They work by storing a unique affiliate id in the customer's browser and then send some product and general purchase data to our system upon a successful transaction.

This allows you to grant commission payments to the affiliate(s) that drove the sale based on the order value of your purchased items.

For the full specification of what data Avelon recieves from our plugins please see our Purchase API documentation here.


You can find our plugin for Shopify by searching for 'Avelon Network' in the Shopify Apps menu in your Shopify account or here:

Once the Shopify app is loaded you'll be served instructions and two configuration fields (text inputs).

You'll find your account details and API Token button in the first section under settings at:

Creating API tokens is easy. After clicking on the 'Avelon API tokens' button in the Account Information section. Click on the '+ Generate' button. You can click on the actual anonymised code or the copy button on the far right to copy the API token.

Copy your account name & API token into the required fields and click 'Save'.

Congratulations! You're now all set to use Avelon Network with your Shopify Store.

Bespoke Website Integrations

Bespoke website integrations have been designed to be as simple as possible. There are two parts to this process and should be an easy task for your developer.

Step 1. Head Tag

This tag needs to go in the <head> of every page:

<script src="https://{{accountname}}"></script> - please insert your copied account name as the subdomain value.

This script has the sole purpose of taking the Avelon Click URL parameter (avln_cid) and setting it as a first party cookie for use when sending the purchase POST data.

Step 2. Purchase POST request to the Avelon API

The Purchase POST request allows us to gain visibility on purchases and their data which we then attribute back to the affiliate and use to calculate commission on a item by item basis.

Full developer documentation can be found here:

Please send the POST request to this end point: https://{{accountname}}

Your account name is required once again in the subdomain value.
We highly recommend server-side scripts to perform this POST request to assure robust, tamper-proof reporting and data. If you're only able to send the POST request client-side, please let us know at and we will remove the auth requirement.

*Any purchase that does not contain our Avelon Click ID (avln_cid) is not recorded.

For any questions regarding bespoke integrations, please use the contact form in the Avelon App.