Getting Started With Avelon: The Affiliate Guide

This article will guide you through how to get started as an Avelon Affiliate.

This article will guide you through how to get started on Avelon; from setting up an account and editing your profile to applying for Affiliate programs.

1. Signing Up

Sign up to the platform through the signup link. You'll be required to enter your first name, last name, email address, country, and password. Once you complete the form, you'll be sent a confirmation email. When you receive this, click activate.

Don't forget to check your spam folder!

2. Dashboard

Your dashboard is the heart of your Avelon account and is where you can see all reporting on the clicks and sales you're generating alongside your commission earnings.

We've got lots planned for the Dashboard - if you have any ideas please let us know! Use the in-app Contact Us located here.

3. Profile

Your profile is what Advertisers (brands and retailers) will see when reviewing your application to their program. We recommend filling in your profile as best possible to increase your chances of being accepted.

In your profile, you can edit your:

  • Profile Photo (512 x 512 pixels recommended)
  • Website URL
  • Instagram handle
  • Youtube handle
  • Biography
Your profile must have a minimum of a profile picture, a short bio and a social media URL to be shown to brands.

4. Connecting your Bank Account

Connect your bank account to receive commission payments.

We use Stripe as our payments handler and although you do not need any sort of account with Stripe you will need to follow the steps to connect your bank account.

Payments are automated and you get paid at the end of the following month for any sales generated.

Click the 'Connect my account' button and it'll take you through the necessary steps to connect your bank account.

Once you have completed this step, the red exclamation mark next to the Settings tab will disappear.

5. Finding Affiliate Programs

Click 'Opportunities' on the left-hand menu for the Opportunities and you'll be taken to the opportunities tab. Here you'll see a list of brands and retailers who have affiliate programs open for application.

Find an affiliate program you like the look of. For this example, we've searched for Kitbrix, the sports bag company, via the top search bar.

When you get to this stage, you can either view their details, visit their website or apply for their program.

Details will take you to their affiliate profile, outlining their terms & conditions, product-specific commissions, and a bit about them.

Visit Website will take you to their website.

'Apply for program' will allow you to apply for their program and will generate a pop-up where you can access and accept the terms of conditions of that Advertiser's program.

Once you've confirmed T&C acceptance and clicked Apply for program you'll either be accepted straight away or be put into a 'Pending' status where the Advertiser will review your profile and suitableness for the program.

A pending status can last a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or longer - it's in the hands of the Advertiser.

Once you've been accepted onto an affiliate program you're free to go ahead and generate links for that brand or retailer's website. Any purchases made by customers through those links will be attributed back to you, the affiliate.

Head back to the opportunities main page and the Application pending button will now have turned green, meaning you have been accepted onto the program. Click Generate Link and a new pop-up box will open.

You'll be asked to enter a path (URL) into the box and to name the link.

The URL is the destination on the Advertiser's site, e.g. are you trying to link your audiences to a specific product, or are you just trying to drive traffic to the home page?

Naming the link is just for your own use with reporting, allowing you to easily search and find links. Name it something memorable and descriptive - for example: 'Kitbrix - Blue Poncho - Summer 2022'.

The Yes / No box will ask you whether you are an affiliate partner or not. An affiliate partner is someone who has arranged to become an affiliate outside of the platform, i.e you will NOT receive commission payments for any sales made. This option is for brands who want to track the sales an ambassador/affiliate brings to the company, but has agreed NOT to pay them any commission (most likely because they're already being paid).

Click NO if this does not apply to you and you want to earn commission from the sales generated from this link.

Your links are stored under Dashboard - My Links once you create your link.

7. Finding Your Discount Codes

Certain brands will offer discount codes to their affiliates, alongside the ability to create tracking links. Once you've been accepted onto an affiliate program, you'll be able to see all the discount codes provided to you in the My Retailers page under the Promo Codes tab.

Copy the discount code, pass it onto your followers and our tracking software will attribute any sale using that discount code back to you, the affiliate.

8. Go and Post Your Link / Discount Code

Now you've created your link, go and spread it far and wide. Keep an eye on what links are driving the most clicks, purchases, and commission. Good Luck!

9. Contacting Brands

Brands will sometimes allow you to contact them directly once you have been approved onto their program. If you want to contact the brand, head to their Profile and under Brands contact details an email address should appear.