How To Track Ambassador ROI

How do you know if an ambassador partnership has worked?

We’ve seen hundreds of brands simply gift products or sign someone as an ambassador without any real structure, so in this article, we’ve outlined our most efficient tools for tracking their return on investment. After all, you don’t want to be reviewing your ambassadors and them saying ‘well my friends said they’ve bought stuff’ - there’s no way to back that up.

0% commission tracking links

Avelon’s 0% commission tracking links are a powerful tool to track an ambassador's return on investment. These links track a consumer every time they come back to your site and attribute sales to the ambassador if they drove the consumer to purchase.

Simply get the ambassador to sign up to the platform or invite them via our inbuild invitations feature, then you can either create a link for them or they can create a link themselves. It’s that easy.

Discount codes with adjustable commission

We’ve built adjustable commission, all the way to 0% commission, in our discount code tracking. If you’re looking to see if an ambassador does drive immediate sales, then we’d recommend using this tool.

To use this tool, you’ll need to add a discount code into your eCommerce store, then add it in our discount code section of the site and assign it to the ambassador. The ambassador will need to be accepted into your program before you assign them the discount code.

If you’d like to get setup on Avelon, we’re 100% free to use for brands. Simply sign up via the homepage and we’ll get you onboarded!