How To Track Affiliate Promo Codes

Internally managed affiliate promo code programs are a brilliant way to incentivise your ambassadors / affiliates, but they have some drawbacks:

  • The programs are hard to monitor alongside all your other responsibilities
  • The programs take a lot of time to manage and report on
  • Ambassadors have no transparency as to how many sales they’re driving, producing an air of mystery around their payouts
  • You have to manage their payouts

So, just how do you create a program which works for both your brand and your ambassadors?

Avelon puts your affiliate promo code program on autopilot, managing every aspect of your program from tracking sales and creating reports, all the way through to paying ambassadors every month on your behalf.

You simply get your affiliates to sign up to the platform, assign them their discount codes and commission structure and our platform recognises when their discount codes are used. We then attribute the sale to them and we even let them know how many sales they drive on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, alongside how much commission they’ve earnt.

Our tracking scripts integrate with all major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, meaning you simply download the app in your app store, enter your credentials and away you go.

How much does this cost?

We flip the entire fee structure on its head, meaning the brands pay absolutely nothing for using our platform. We work on a sliding revenue share with affiliates, meaning the more sales they drive, the less their revenue share becomes.

I'm on Avelon. How do I set this up?

We have an entire article dedicated to this, so be sure to head there to check it out:

If you’d like to find out more about Avelon and arrange a demo, feel free to reach out to