Earn Referral Rewards with Avelon Brand Referrals 🥳

Earn a flat fee for every Brand you Refer to Avelon or earn guaranteed commission for 6-months!

Refer brands to Avelon and earn a flat fee or guaranteed commission for 6-months

Work with another brand outside of Avelon and want to earn some guaranteed Referral Rewards? Then look no further.

Avelon is on a journey to make affiliate marketing accessible for all. By getting rid of memberships, sub-networks and override fees, brands can get work with more affiliates and offer more meaningful commissions than ever before. But, we want to make it even easier to work with your favourite brands.

Referral Rewards

Brand Referrals takes our simple approach one step further and allows you to earn either a one-off £30.00 payment or 6-months of guaranteed commissions by introducing brands to the platform, depending on how much information you provide! We've outlined this below:

Provide basic information which leads to a successful onboarding, such a contact name and email address and you'll earn a £30.00 one-off payment.


Speak to a contact at the brand directly and enter all the information required, and you'll earn 5% commission every month for 6-months.

How much is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share is 30% of an affiliates total commission. This covers hosting, development, marketing, admin and payment fees of the platform. The average Revenue Share per brand for Avelon every month is £320.60, meaning you could make £16.30 every month - simply by adding some contact info into your Avelon Dashboard.

What type of brands can I introduce?

We work with all types of brands, so you're free to introduce any and everyone to Avelon. The only restriction is what eCommerce provider they work with. We currently work with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordpress, CraftCMS, Citrus Lime and all custom websites. Please note: only successful onboarding results in Referral Rewards.

How many brands can I introduce?

You can introduce as many brands as you like to the platform. Obviously don’t go putting ‘Nike’ as the company and ‘John Donahoe’ as the person in charge (that’s the CEO of Nike, by the way) and his publicly listed email address, because that’s not going to get us anywhere.

For example, if you have worked with a brand or know someone directly, then you can refer them to the platform, and the more information you provide, the more likely we are to bring that brand onboard and the more likely you are to earn Referral Rewards from that brand.

How does it work?

Login to your Avelon Dashboard and head to My Retailers. Click Brand Referrals and just follow the steps from there! We’ll even show you your total earnings from Brand Referrals in this page, meaning you can keep track of exactly how much you’ll take home.

Ready to get started?

Just login to your Avelon Dashboard to get going, or drop us an email to hello@avelonetwork.com if you have any questions.

Terms & Conditions

Payment terms for Brand Referrals are 30-days/sit within our standard wallet payment terms. A successful onboarding requires a brand to complete sign up, integrate with our platform through a designated eCommerce application, sign our direct debit and make 2 x attributed sales (it's all done within about 5-minutes, it's really not that scary). Avelon will notify you during the onboarding journey if a brand has successfully onboarded and when your £30.00 Referral Reward will be paid (if you provide basic information). Avelon reserves the right to reject Referral Rewards if the information provided does not meet criteria, such as not knowing anyone at the company or providing false information. If multiple affiliates refer a brand within 1-week of each other, the first referrer will earn the Referral Rewards. Avelon holds the right to withdraw and/or change the Referral Rewards within the Brand Referrals program at any point and without prior notice.