FAQs: How Much Commission Should I Offer Affiliates?

How much commission should you offer an affiliate? Avelon looks into the average across each industry.

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Deciding on your commission structure for affiliates can be complicated. Offer too little and affiliates won't want to work with you, but offering too much will reduce your profit margin. We look at the average commission percentages across every industry, to ensure you're on the right path.

In this article, we look at:

  • What's the average commission offered to affiliates?
  • Should I change my commission for different affiliates?
  • Affiliate commission calculator

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What's the average commission offered to affiliates?

The below table gives an overview of the average commission offered across the course of a year by the industries we work within:


Full RRP

Discounted sales

CPC (optional)

Coffee & Tea




Clothing & Fashion




Cycling accessories




Cycling clothing




Cycling brands




Cycling retailers




Health & Wellness
















This table is pretty bare bones, but gives a good explanation. Be aware there are months where average commissions change slightly, such as during Black Friday and the New Year, and we recommend altering your affiliate strategy to work alongside this.

We also recommend changing your commission for different affiliates, after a trial period. We talk about this more below. 

Should I change my commission for different affiliates?

We highly recommend commencing with affiliates on a trial period of a lower commission percentage, then bumping them up and offering rewards for achieving certain sales numbers. We've taken some data from how 15 of our top affiliate programs alter their commissions for affiliates, depending on their worth to the program, below:

10-20 sales

21-50 sales

51-100 sales

101+ sales


Base commission

+10% baseline

+12.5% baseline

+15.5% baseline 

Bonus for hitting next bracket





The above is a manual process, and requires a member of your team to manually change their commission structures and keep an eye on the program.

Affiliate Commission Calculations

Unlike other affiliate networks, Avelon charges no onboarding, upfront, monthly or override fees. We designed the platform to give advertisers the insight and confidence to pay affiliates what they're worth.

With the huge upfront costs attributed to other networks, the average commission payment for Affiliates in 2022 is just 3%. With Avelon, you're able to offer 2 - 5 times the average commission payment than other affiliate networks, and still retain a better margin.

We have included our recommendations based on a product margin below for an AOV of £62.50.

Average order valueMargin % on productCommission %Final paymentNET profit

And again below, based on the higher end of the spectrum for an average order value of £1500.00.

Average order valueMargin % on productCommission %Final paymentNET profit

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