Exclusive Affiliate Programs

An exclusive affiliate partnership means an affiliate is tied solely to one brand and cannot access or see any other brand opportunities. This allows brands to create private affiliate programs (at a fraction of the cost of our competitors) and work closer with their current affiliates who were previously not signed up to Avelon.

Our system also tracks the affiliates social media profile to ensure they don’t sign up with another email to get around being an exclusive affiliate. If they are found out to be in breach of the exclusivity terms & conditions, we will notify you by email and await your instructions.

This is a premium feature and our costs are outlined below. If you’d like to opt-in, please contact your account manager or email hello@avelonetwork.com.

The cost of running an exclusive affiliate program is £29.00 per month. 


Whilst the affiliate is exclusive, you (the brand) will still be able to invite other affiliates onto your program. If they are signed up already as a non-exclusive affiliate, you will be able to invite them to be part of your open affiliate program. If you’d like them to become an exclusive affiliate, you will have to send them an invite to a separate email address. We recommend you contact the affiliate directly to arrange this. Long story short: if they’re already on the system, you’ll need to arrange exclusivity outside of the system.